Facade Engineering

Our approach is categorised by our experience in customisation of commercial systems and our ability to handle bespoke designs.

3D Modelling & Analysis

PDS will help you turn your 3D solid modelling design into a prototype and help with quoting, estimating and procurement.

Architectural & Engineering Plans

PDS provides services for all areas of architectural design and detailing, for both commercial and domestic projects.

Mechanical & Production Engineering

PDS has a multi-disciplines team who are experienced in most fields of design and detailing.

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What We Offer

Quality control

Our years in experience, combined skills and in-house peer checks ensure quality in our work, whilst also preventing delays and unexpected costs that can occur through errors.

Bespoke Design

Working across a range of software, we’re able to offer design and production details that meet your requirements and specifications. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge from all areas of Facade design, stone masonry and precast concrete production within the construction industry.

Seamless Integration

We are competent in using a wide range of industry software and methods to be able to integrate our work into your own production systems for ease of access and file sharing.

Emphasis on Excellence

We at PDS price ourselves on our ability to provide an excellent service through every stage of a project; from the design process through to the manufacture and installation, and we will always do our best to go the extra mile when required, building strongand long lasting relationships with our clients.

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